Tools, production cells and automation

We are a company that excels in toolmaking for tube, wire and profile processing. We create whole solutions in a way that saves you both time and money. And we are always here if you want to know more about our work, our technical skills and about the mindset that characterizes everything we do.



Fully automated solutions

Being our customer means that we work
together in a systematic process that ensures
you that you get exactly what you need. And
in the end guarantee a solution with the highest
possible quality and performance.


It all began with grandpa back in 1958

BORS is a family business with a long and rich story from the start of the company in 1958 by Thure Henriksson. Grandfather of Anders Henriksson who leads BORS today. We have always been characterized by a genuine craftsmanship and traditional toolmaking from the ground. Something that has remained with us and constantly has evolved with new technology and all its possibilities.

Since 1958 we have built and delivered solutions to manufacturing companies worldwide. And we continue to invest and build at the same place where everything started. In Bor.