We always start with a thorough analysis of the task and what the tool is set to accomplish. It´s important for us to be a part of the project in an early stage. Only then can we find all the benefits and identify all the possible threats.

Together with our project management modell that ensures you the highest quality possible and delivery reliability. 


A close co-operation with you as a customer at this stage gives us the right inputs in developing the tool and the solution around it. Together we find a suitable solution that is based on your prerequisites and your existing production.

Our designers work in the Key Creator program for design and solid modeling. We can import files in the formats SAF, DXF, DWG, IGES, Step, Parasolid, Catia v4 and Pro / Engineer.


Genuine craftsmanship combined with modern machinery and new technology provides endless possibilities. Tools, machines or entire production cells, we produce and assemble every solution in our plant in Bor. Everything is evaluated, tested and validated until we are a 100% satisfied. 


Now it´s time to transfer the solution to you or to your end customer. Installations must be performed by well-trained and careful personnel. Our service engineers have long experience of installing large and complex systems, as well as independent machines and tools. Quick startup with production is necessary to keep calculations and delivery commitments.


Training clients in the management of a new advanced production cell is a very important part of our work. Operators must feel at home with the new machine and all its possibilities. A machine never gets better than the people who operate it.

A company that supplies advanced manufacturing equipment needs maintenance staff who are both experienced and efficient. Systems and machines often run many hours a day with limited human resources. To avoid unplanned stops, the need for preventive maintenance increases. We provide service agreements that guarantee well-planned maintenance of your equipment. We also offer spare parts storage to minimize unplanned shutdowns.

We are situated in the middle of southern Sweden, close to highways and easy to reach. Please, give us a call if you have challenges and projects to discuss and want to create a solution together with us.